A project begins – What we want to do

For a long time the 0.6m f/3.3 reflector Telescope was used to hunt minor planets. And successfully so!
In cooperation with Herbert Raab (and his “Astrometrica” software) the LAG members Erich Meyer and Erwin Obermair discovered 27 minor Planets (from 1996 to 2005). But in recent years the Teleskope lay dormant, partly due to the fact that robotic telescopes where far better suited for a sky survey and partly due to other projects the operators started.

In January 2018  we, the LAG (Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft), bought the Telescope.

The 60cm Deltagraph, the designer of the mount Ing. Pressberger (Center) and the Telescope Owners, left Ing. Erich Meyer and right Erwin Obermair.
(Picture: Vereinschronik/LAG)

A major problem is the very aged Telescope Control that only worked with MS-DOS. Thus it is time for an Upgrade!

Our Goal and Motivation is to create a remote observatory in the darkest and thus for astrophotography best part of Upper Austria. The intermediate goal is to modernize the Telescope Control, enable remote operation and of course move the Telescope from its current location, Davidschlag, to its new Home in a 4m Dome at the observatory outpost “South”.
In the long run we plan a fully robotic operation of the telescope and make the pictures available for LAG Members, Sternfreunde Steyr Members and interested 3rd Parties.

Additionally in cooperation with the “Sternfreunde Steyr“ we want to create a night light protected area, a STAR PARK.

Stay tuned for our next update on the specs of the Telescope.


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