Tech – The Dome

After starting the KRO project, we had to decide how we would like to build our observatory, or to be precise the “telescope room”. Since our partner in this project, the “Sternfreunde Steyr”, already had a dome there, we also decide to go with a dome (to not break the overall look of the observatory site).

So the big task of searching for a dome manufacturer began. Since the KRO will be a fully remote controlled site, the dome had to fulfill some needs:

  • Size – since our telescope is quite large, we needed at least a 4m dome
  • fully remote controllable (via PC)
  • ASCOM compatible

After some search we found a manufacturer in Poland, which builds such domes for a quit reasonable price. And better, they already built and installed 4m domes for professional observatories in Chile, Namibia and several other quite remote locations. The company is named “ScopeDome“.

It was immediately clear that we would go with a 4m dome. So we get in touch with the company and ordered a rough technical drawing, so that we can test (at least on paper) if our telescope will fit (They also send us some pictures of their projects).


The images on the left side are showcasing some of ScopeDomes 4m domes in Chile (Photos by ScopeDome). On the right side we have a technical drawing of the 4m dome with our telescope fitted into it (Drawing by Johann Bachlmayr)

The most important feature, is of course, the ability to remote control the dome. This is possible through the quite comprehensive software package. With this software, running on the telescope server, we are able to fully control the dome over a remote connection.

Screenshots of the main screens of the ScopeDome controll software. (Screenshots by Johannes Stübler)

After checking all parameters, we ordered a 4m dome for the KRO project in the first half of this year. Some weeks later, we got a huge delivery – all the components of our new dome. It was like Christmas 🙂 …

In the next period of fine weather, we started with the assembly of the dome, which we will discuss in Under Construction – The Dome.


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