Under Construction – Electrics (Part 1)

Friday 02.11.2018 was the day we began to install the basic electrics in the KRO building. But first we had another task to do:

Installing electrics and drive control in the 4m Dome of the Sternfreunde Steyr

As we already have some experience in getting the dome running (see Under Construction – The Dome, additional info of the dome can be found in Tech – The Dome), we made the offer to our partners at the Star Park Hohe Dirn, the astronomical club “Sternfreunde Steyr“, to also setup their dome. Since they need a custom home position for their dome they had to replace the sliding contact for the rotating parts of the dome. Once this was done, we installed all the electric wiring and dome control. It worked like a charm — first time right.

Working on the dome control system of the 4m dome of the Sternfreunde Steyr. (Photo by Joe Stübler, 02.11.2018)

After this all in all one hour effort we switched to our own dome and observatory.

Electrical installation

We started with the installation of the main switchboard for the whole observatory. We planned to have at least some power sockets running this day — however, we had some other troubles to fix first (sealing the dome, small shutter repair after a heavy storm) — so we managed to only install the switchboard and connect it to the main power line.

The image below shows the current state of the switchboard. Some components, especially the control Raspi and related relays are still missing.

The main components of the switch board already installed. On the left hand side, the relays for remote controlling the power sockets and lights, on the right hand side the main GFC and the different circuit breakers. (Photo by Günther Truhlar, 02.11.2018)

In the coming days we will finalize the switchboard and install the power sockets, the light switches and hopefully the lights itself (this depends on the company installing the ceiling which is currently missing). Also the stairs up to the dome are missing an are hopefully installed in some days.

Server rack

We also got a server rack donated from our chairman Günther Martello and his company MaG Informationsdesign GmbH.

We transported it already to the KRO, but it needs to be reassembled completely and of course a server is still missing. We are currently on the search for one which suits our needs.

The new server rack for the KRO. (Photo by Joe Stübler, 02.11.2018)


The weather was not that fine, but at least it didn’t rain. We took some landscape photos of the gorgeous place where we build our observatory.

Also a lot of tourists wandered up the mountain to get a lovely view and a good meal at the Anton Schosser hut near the summit. Fun fact: the KRO dome is visible at the very far lower right corner of the webcam placed on the Anton Schosser hut.


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