Winter at Star Park Hohe Dirn – Impressions 3

Some time has passed since our last update on the project “Kepler Remote Observatory”. This had some reasons. The first one, with the most impact, is the current weather and snow situation in the Star Park.

We had well above 1.5m of snow and on certain spots far more, as you can see on the following pictures showing (or better NOT showing) the building of our colleagues the Sternfreude Steyr (thanks to Bernhrad Mayr for letting us use his pictures, find more pictures on his Facebook site):

A panoramic view of the observatory site. To the far left the building of the KRO, in the center and right, the building of the Sternfreunde Steyr covered nearly entirely by snow and their two domes. (Picture taken by Bernhard Mayr, Sternfreunde Steyr, 16.01.2019)
Foto of the KRO dome and the sun emerging in the south east. (Photo by Rudi Dobesberger, Sternfreunde Steyr, 06.02.2019)
View from the “Anton Schosser H√ľtte” down to the Star Park (middle – right). The general view direction is north-east. (Photo, Rudi Dobesberger, Sternfreunde Steyr, 06.02.2019)


The following gallery shows some additional impressions from the beautiful winter in the Austrian mountains:


Luckily the KRO itself was quite free of snow and accessible. The only problem was getting up the mountain. This was the main reason why the work stood still over the winter. We couldn’t reach the Observatory with construction equipment.

The building and dome of the Kepler Remote telescope, quite free of snow. (Foto by Bernhard Mayr, Sternfreunde Steyr, 16.01.2019)

And what are the other reasons, why construction work stood still at the observatory?

Well first of all we dismantled the telescope at its current location. You can read more about this process in this post.

We also started the telescope improvement (adding encoders, adding a motorized mirror cover). You can read more about this in this post.

(* Featured image by Rudi Dobesberger, Sternfreunde Steyr)



Star Park Hohe Dirn – Impressions 2

On November the 10th 2018, we had another work project to do (Under Construction – Electrics (Part 2) ) at the KRO. So we left the fog in the valleys behind us and enjoyed the perfect weather on the mountain tops.

Below you’ll find some impressions of this day.

At such days the peak of the Hohe Dirn is quite crowded and it was quite difficult to take some shots without hikers on the road. Another side effect is, that we have to constantly explain to tourists what we are doing here.

Star Park Hohe Dirn – Impressions 1

In the following Gallery, you’ll find some impressions of our observing site Star Park Hohe Dirn.

Panorama shots



Below you’ll finde some Photos taken by our colleague from the “Sternfreunde Steyr” Bernhard Mayr during mid of September.


Milky Way over Star Park Hohe Dirn

The following photo of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, over the observatory was taken by another colleague from the “Sternfreunde Steyr”, Rudi Dobesberger.

The Milky Way high above the Star Park Hohe Dirn and its observatory. (Photo by Rudi Dobesberger)